Ross Mc Donald

I am a multi-faceted urban resilience analyst, project manager and professional architect with more than eleven years of work experience in South Africa, the Middle East, and United States. I am committed to understanding and implementing solutions to the myriad challenges urban communities face, including post-conflict urban recovery, migration and urbanization, and climate change.

Through my varied work experience and dedicated study, I have developed a broad base of knowledge and experience in community resilience and sustainable urban development practices. At city and regional scales, I have engaged in cross-sectoral urban research and led interdisciplinary teams to analyze early-recovery and stabilization contexts in Syria. As an architect and project management consultant, I have worked on a range of architectural and urban infrastructure projects, with specific focus on sustainable environmental, social and heritage design responses.

I find innovative yet pragmatic solutions to complex challenges, through rigorous research and meaningful engagement with key stakeholders at a technical level. With an emphasis on strong leadership and collaborative teamwork, I quickly adapt to new contexts and build relationships to establish credibility and maximize the impact of my work.