Professional Experience

Key Qualifications

  • Project management and coordination of research teams as part of a multi-stakeholder consortium program focused on resilient early recovery within the Syria Emergency Response.
  • Over four years of urban resilience and context analysis experience in early recovery and stabilization contexts used to inform humanitarian/development/peace/security nexus responses, including research to understand environmental dynamics as underlying drivers of the Syrian conflict.
  • Public outreach experience including presentation of analysis and policy recommendations, inclusion on professional expert panels, development of public communication materials, engagement on inter-organizational platforms and working groups, and event planning.
  • Early career as a professional architect, responsible for all stages of project development and oversight, including work on design solutions in response to changing environmental and climate realities.
  • Countries worked in: South Africa, Jordan, Lebanon, USA, Tanzania, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Syria, Poland.
  • Languages: English (fluent/ mother tongue), Afrikaans (competent conversational and written)

International Development Sector Experience

Urban-A / World Urban Forum 11  |  Event Support Consultant  |  Katowice, Poland  |  06/2022
Short term consultancy to support the Global Alliance for Urban Crises host the Urban Crisis track at the WUF11 conference. Responsibilities included joining a panel discussion as subject matter expert (‘Urban Profiling and Recovery in Ukraine Across the Humanitarian/Development/Peace Nexus’), session reporting, and administrative support.

iMMAP / Urban Recovery Framework for Syria | Coordinator and Analyst | Washington, DC  | 05/2020 – 04/2022
Worked (remotely) on a European Union-funded and UN Habitat-led consortium project to develop an approach to urban recovery in post-conflict Syria intended to inform policy level and operational responses to urban resilience, environmental, local economic development, governance, and social cohesion needs in HDP nexus contexts.

iMMAP / Urban Analysis Network for Syria | Urban Resilience Analyst | Amman, Jordan | 04/2018 – 05/2020
Worked on a multi-disciplinary research and analysis team on a European Union-funded consortium project to study the effects of conflict and population displacement in cities throughout Syria and inform early recovery and stabilization programs; and development of a training to disseminate the unique analysis methodology to a broader audience.

International Rescue Committee / PEERS  |  Graphic Design Consultant | Amman, Jordan |  2017 – 2019
Designed the graphic user interface for the IRC’s award-winning Partnership Excellence for Equality and Results System (PEERS) and developed a series of visual tools for immersive training modules covering the system’s knowledge, skills, and approaches components.


Core competencies and responsibilities:

  • Project coordination and strategy development: Coordination of analyst teams, including workplan design, program schedule monitoring, resource identification and allocation, and other program activities to ensure deliverables were met. • Facilitation of communication with internal teams and collaboration with external partner teams to support program implementation. • Coordination of project feedback and M&E reporting requirements.
  • Project presentation and stakeholder engagement: Presentation of project findings to a range of audiences including humanitarian and stabilization partners, donor community, and local organization and governance stakeholders Representation of organization and project team at an inter-organization level in various working groups. • Presentation of organization capacity to further business development objectives.
  • Research and analysis: ‘Area-based’ cross-sectoral urban and regional analysis including contextual understanding of population displacement and migration, social, political, economic and conflict dynamics • Specific research and analysis of the underlying climate and environmental factors and impacts leading to and arising from the Syrian conflict. • Quantitative, qualitative, and spatial analysis of data collected using a mixed methods approach. Research based on secondary and reference materials. • Framing of response recommendations for operational and policy level stakeholders.
  • Report writing and communication: Writing, review, and editing of reports based on analysis and partner input. • Input and review of program policy papers. • Development of high-quality supplementary materials including presentations, digital dashboard and website content, briefing papers, promotional material, and project reporting requirements.
  • Urban analysis methodology, tool, and training development: Detail development of project framework and methodologies for data collection and analysis, including tools for collection, analysis, and use of urban data (quantitative, qualitative, and spatial). Development and review of project training curriculum materials. • Coordination of internal research and analysis working group (community of practice).
  • Communication strategy development and public outreach: Development of project communication and dissemination strategies. Design of structure and content of the project web-portal, and oversight of the web-development and launch process. • Innovative use of digital tools to develop ‘narrative reporting’ products. • Relationship building with strategic partners including donors, implementation actors, and the academy.
Architecture and Urban Design Experience

studioMAS Architecture & Urban Design  |  Project Architect | Cape Town, South Africa | 08/2012 – 04/2017
Worked at an award-winning architecture and urban design practice on several architecture projects of various typologies including multi-dwelling housing, mixed-use commercial, institutional, private residential, urban infrastructure, and larger scale urban design projects, focusing on environmentally responsive design elements.

Private architecture projects | Independent Professional Architect | Cape Town, South Africa | 2013 – 2018
Successfully completed several residential design and construction projects for private clients, including a full range of design and project management services.

Collis and Associates / Koidu Diamond Mine  | Team Architect |  Cape Town, South Africa | 01/2011–12/2011 
Worked on a multi-disciplinary consultant team on the environmentally responsive design of the award winning Koidu Diamond Mine, located in Sierra Leone.

Chole Mjini Conservation and Dev Co. | Heritage Conservation Consultant | Chole Mjini , Tanzania | 07/2008-01/2009
Worked on an architectural heritage and conservation project involving the rehabilitation of significant 19th century German colonial structures and surveying local Omani ruins on Chole Island; including project monitoring, assessment and funding proposal development for future community-led conservation and development projects.


Core competencies and responsibilities:

  • Business management: Development of architectural business to cultivate client and project opportunities. • Preparation of service quotations, and fee and contract negotiations with clients. • Management of architectural services in accordance with approved service contracts and budgets. • Administrative oversight and duties related to running an architectural practice, including budgeting, invoicing, payments, and other financial functions.
  • Budget control: Management of budgets for consultant services and construction contracts to ensure that projects adhere to client needs and commercial development objectives. • Coordination with quantity surveying consultants on project budgets in excess of 100 million South African Rands. • Adjudication of sub-contractor quotations to ensure optimization of project budgets.
  • On-site project management: Management of construction projects in collaboration with the main contractor (builder) in line with agreed designs and specifications, construction schedule tracking and ensuring timeline targets are met. • Collaboration with engineering and specialist consultants to ensure building systems coordination.
  • Building contract management: Oversight of compliance with the primary building contract between contractor and project client. • Scheduling, chairing, and documentation (minuting) of formal site meetings. • Dispute resolution (mediation) in accordance with contract terms.
  • Quality control: Monitoring of construction process to ensure that structural and other design specifications meet design intent, established standards, and statutory regulations.
  • Architectural Design: Exploratory design development of bespoke architectural concepts based on client requirements, site, budget, environmental responses, and other contextual parameters. Research and application of appropriate construction technologies and materials. • Development of construction documentation.
  • Mentorship and supervision of staff and students: Mentorship and supervision of junior colleagues regarding task completion and professional development. • University design studio teaching assistant.
Professional Accreditations, Education & Training

Professional Accreditation:

  • Professional Architect | Accreditation by the South African Council for the Architectural Profession |2014


Tertiary Education:

  • Masters of Architecture (with distinction) |  School of Architecture Planning and Geomatics, University of Cape Town (UCT) | 2010
  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies (Hons) | School of Architecture Planning and Geomatics, UCT | 2009
  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies | School of Architecture Planning and Geomatics, UCT | 2005 – 2007



  • Investing in Quality Infrastructure for a Green, Inclusive and Resilient Recovery |  World Bank Group Online Learning Campus | 2022
  • Data for Better Lives: A New Social Contract |  World Bank Group Online Learning Campus | 2021
  • Introduction to NASA Resources for Climate Change Applications |  NASA’s Applied Remote Sensing Training Program  (Online ) | 2021
  • Urban Resilience Intensive Training | University of Southern Denmark International Urban Resilience Academy (Online) | 2021
  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training | King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center | Jordan | 2019
  • Humanitarian Information Management |  Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation / iMMAP, | Amman, Jordan | 2018